Photo recovery and repair software for Digital Nikon Coolpix A camera Recovery

In a glance meet the new advanced performance collection flagship of Nikon Coolpix A camera. It provides high resolution photo and full HD 1080pvideos in high class. This camera is one of the exceptional camera in all its features. As such it provides exceptional quality of image by make use of Nikon format CMOS sensor. Same thing is used in X format DSLR cameras as well but in compact body type. One of the latest feature is to provide exceptional clarity along with low light performance it has one of the most impressive NIKKR lenses that were earlier not used in Coolpix camera. Not only this but to provide some exceptional features its compatibility has been added with many other Nikon accessories such as wi-fi adapter with which user can easily share picture. The image and video taken by Nikon Coolpix A camera are of such high quality that will make your friends and family ask about the camera. On the whole Coolpix provides ultimate quality of image, crystal clear photos and full HD videos with rich texture and vibrant colour.

Nikon Coolpix A camera uses memory card to store photos and videos, but sometimes due to some reason user faces data loss situation. An loosing ultimate quality of image an video is not expectable by the user. In this situation backup plays an vital role in getting data back but in case backup is not available then photo recovery software should be used by the user to recover deleted files safely.sme possible reason that are responsible for photo loss that tends user to use recovery and repair software are mentioned below:

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Human mistake – sometimes unintentional deletion of media occur due to abrupt use of memory card like taking memory card out of camera while in use or without safe to remove option just taking card out of camera in low battery.

Formatting - memory card formatting without taking backup leads to entire file deletion.

Virus attack – due to virus infection all or some file gets auto deleted.

Use of unreliable Anti-virus tool – by using any unreliable anti-virus program to scan infected memory card can remove certain useful file along with infected file.

Due to all these reason it becomes important to use photo recovery software inorder to scan memory card to recover accidental deleted photos and repair damaged video, images and other files. This software supports recovery of data from memory card of (both digital SLR camera and compact digital camera.) it supports almost all the memory card like SD Card, SDHC, Compact Flash CF card, xD picture card, MicroSD card, SDXC, Memory Stick Pro, SD Mini, Duo, Pro-HG, Micro(M2), XC, MultiMedia card, MMC by Sandisk, fujifilm, kingston, Samsung, PQI, Lexar, Sony, PNY, Toshiba.

Photo recovery software runs on both Windows and Mac operating system to recover lost photos. As such this software has been especially built to recover deleted NEF image file from Nikon Coolpix A camera. It is one of the best software to perform the recovery of loss data, has easy user interface. This tool has the capacity to scan memory card and retrieve delete picture according to task assigned to it. User can opt for free software downlaod for trail prior of purchasing the complete software program. By the help of trail or demo version user can easily get reviews of software. This program also has the capacity to recover RAW photos like CRW, CR2, SR2, ARW from Nikon Coolpix A camera.

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User manual to recover photos on Mac OS are discussed below:

  • Click on recover ‘photo, video or audio’ button.
  • Then select drive or media from the list and click on ‘scan now’ button. At the time of scan entire multimedia files are searched in given media or drive.
  • After completion of scanning files are found in the provided hard disk or volume. Just click on ‘recover’ button to recover the desired video, photos.
  • By ‘create image’ option user can easily create image of entire storage device for later recovery. For this user must select the drive or volume to create the image and click on ‘continue’ button. Then on ‘scan’ button to start scanning.
  • The preview of file can be seen doing this click on ‘recover’ button to save the file.
  • Then go to previously scanned save information and start ‘scan’. After completion of scan entire file gets list in tree like structure, its preview can be seen. At last click on ‘recover’ button to save the file.

User manual to recover photos on Windows OS are discussed below:

  • Click on ‘photo, video or audio’ to recover delete files, an select the drive or any external media to recover lost file
  • Specific file format needs to be assigned prior to start scan
  • User can select starting an ending sector from advanced setting option, then start scanning.
  • Entire multimedia is searched in given drive or media through photo recovery software while scanning. Then entire scanned files are listed in desired place. User can also change the file view in scan result.
  • Using ‘create image’ option user can easily create image of entire storage device for later recovery. Select range of media to make image of specific region and then click continue. On completing this save file in desire location.
  • Then click on recover option to recover file from saved image
  • Resume recovery option is also available for user ease.
  • Start scanning from list of desired file. Thereafter, click on ‘recover’ button and simply provide location in which image, video are to be saved. Entire selected picture, video, audio gets safely recovered at provided location.
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