User Guide for Mac to recover lost photos and videos

Nikon Photo recovery software uses the advanced and innovative algorithm that helps in retrieving all the lost, corrupted, damaged or deleted audio, video and image from different media devices such as memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives, hard drives, digital cameras etc. The user-friendly feature of this software makes the recovery very fast and efficient that even a person with no technical knowledge can easily recover the lost files. The accuracy of retrieving the files with Nikon photo recovery software is 90% so there is no any chance of damage to original files during the recovery. This recovery software is compatible with both windows and Mac operating system.

Following User Guide for Mac will help you to recover the lost photos and videos in few steps:


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How to recover Pictures from Nikon digital camera?

To recover photos from Nikon camera, you need to download Nikon Photo Recovery software and after installing it just follow the wizard as shown in the figure below. It is simple for the novice users as well as professionals.